I met Charlotte, the sweetest temptation that bites asses when high on MDMA and is bored with it after all.

A rainy night in Berlin [Picture by Author]

Perspectives on Life

One part in life is knowing where you want to go, but also take the time to appreciate where you already are

Wealth aka. yachts in Nice, France [Image by Author]

Three pieces of career advice to help you see clearly if your employer is a desirable company to work for or not

Canary Wharf — one of those places where people go who want to have a “career” [Image by Author]

Stock market analysis

Interest rates work on money the same way the sun and moon do on water, they pull it in certain directions. Make sure those forces pull you in the right direction.

Sad investors who did not prepare for higher interest rates [Image by Author] — also, this is actually a medieval depiction of the five foolish virgins showing their sorrow on Magdeburg cathedral

Stock market analysis

With inflation expectations on the rise, an environment with increasing interest rates is more probable by the hour.

Frankfurt, where the ECB is headquartered [Image by Author]

In life we make choices how we spend our time. I aim to invest time to build skills with lasting value in my life.

Author surfing [Image by Author]

After 11 years in the corporate world, I changed my gameplan and found the ocean instead

Image by Author — My second day of surfing, October 2020

My stint in the corporate world — Disillusion and some disgust

Stock market analysis

If you are pondering the question to go long on a stock, the most important item on your to-do list is to predict future earnings.

Green light for stocks with a great earnings story [Image by Author]

In the long run, the stock price follows earnings, easy as that.

Stock market analysis

The valuation of Tesla’s stock is beyond anything reasonable. It should trade at 20% its current value at best.

Cars crash and stock prices do too [Picture by Author]

Holger Grueneberg

Enjoying the ride since 1985 — Consultant, Investor, Entrepreneur, Surfer, Explorer, I guess human being sums it up :)

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